Thursday, September 30, 2021

Mobile Vision Clinics

The managing director of Wilderness Point Investments in Massachusetts, RoAnn Costin invests in early and expansion-stage non-durable product and retail companies, such as Sarah Flint. Possessing upwards of 45 years of leadership experience, RoAnn Costin shares her expertise with several corporations as a board of directors member. This includes 2020 On-Site.

2020 On-Site is a mobile eye clinic offering telehealth and neighborhood visits to companies and schools. It also provides an online shopping and virtual styling consultation services. All mobile vision clinics held by the company are state-of-the-art clinics capable of full optometric operations. According to the Boston-based business, mobile vision clinics can provide the same autorefraction, subjective refraction, and keratometry measurements as in-office optometrists. Investigators collected this data over the course of a month and released it in August 2021.

The company evaluated eye examination information from 20 individuals between 18 and 60 years of age. Each of these subjects received both an office and mobile vision clinic exam lasting for 30 minutes. Patients all received subjective refraction, autorefraction, and keratometry testing during their visits, thus granting investigators the data they needed for comparing the two testing environments.

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RoAnn Costin is a Massachusetts financial executive who directs Wilderness Point Investments, LLC, and focuses on startups and growth compan...